About Tasty & MORE

The story about Tasty & More

WHO IS Tasty and More?

Tasty and More Company has been established in 2022. We first started with a few products and very few customers. Now we have over 500 happy customers and over 50 different food items and drinks.

What do we serve?

We serve many types of Arabic, Lebanese, and Mediterranean food such as SHAWARMA, GRILLED CHICKEN, KABAB, KUBBEH, AND MAZZA, FALAFEL, KIDS’ MEALS, AND FRESH DRINKS.

The oriental taste is what you are all passionate about!

We developed our own unique recipes. With 100% freshness and 100% high-quality meat and chicken. Moreover, always craft the yummiest shawarma and grilled chicken, meat, and Mediterranean salad without added preservatives, colours and flavours. This is how our dishes are served.

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